Frequently Asked Questions

AiVet is a web application that organizes and facilitates the work of veterinarians, veterinary clinics and hosptials.

AiVet is an All-integrated Veterinary Practice Management could-based software that helps veterinarians, veterinary clinics and hospitals organize and facilitate for Appointments, Bookings, Electronic Veterinary Records (includes recording and accessing head-to-toe inspections, vaccination scheduling, prescriptions, clinical notes and diagnosis for your clients' pets), Billing and Invoicing, Digital Body Mapping, Inventory Management for clinics integrated with pet-product offerings and several other resources exclusive for veterinary practice.

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AiVet is for all veterinarians, veterinary clinics and hospitals.

Apart from the clinical management, AiVet also allows veterinarians to manage their medical and petfood stocks, invoicing and reorder levels. And you don't even need a bar scanner; your mobile is all that you need to scan your inventories. A very comprehensive tool for veterinarians, mega-clinics and hospitals.

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AiVet focuses on canines and felines and covers aspects like breed specific ailments for more than 250 breeds of dogs and cats.

Body mapping is a unique feature included in AiVet, which helps you mark the ailments of your patients on a schematic body map or actual body image. These mappings overtime can give valuable insights into repeated ailments of your patients, predispositions they might be having or any ailments that might be catching on freshly with your patients like carcinogenic ailments could be identified at a much earlier stage with body-mapping. Also veterinary practices that have digital X-ray equipment can upload X-rays and map the findings for future referral and insights.

This feature is included for clinics and hospitals integrated with pet-products sales. You can scan all products and maintain a comprehensive registry of your sales and inventory. You can scan all barcodes by using our app and you don't even need a bar code reader. Our app does it all for you.

AiVet is an online system. All comprehensive AiVet features can be accessed from all browsers including Google Chrome, Firefox, Edge and others.

All old data will be evaluated and migrated to your new AiVet system, at no extra charge. Yes, that's true even if you were using a medical (human) app, excel or any other application to fit in your veterinary practice till now.

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